Join Japanese NFTs with “WAFUKU GENE” collection!

Are you looking for a new NFT collection to buy? Or you might want to buy the first NFT for you. So, I’m here to help, especially if you are interested in Japanese culture.

Do you know the generative NFT collections for PFP are now getting attention in Japan. And currently, one of the most popular genres is the free-mint collections since crypto is stagnant in the bear market, so people tend to hesitate to join the market and also buy NFTs. Moreover, people are realizing that it is difficult for the floor price of most collections to keep increasing after the launch.

So, if you just want to gain profit from NFTs, I wouldn’t say it’s good timing to join unless you can get it for free. Or if you are a fan of a specific NFT, and you want it at any risk, you should join right now, otherwise you will miss it.

This time, I’m going to recommend you one NFT collection that allows you to mint it for free or at a cheaper price and you will like it if you are a fan of Japanese anime culture.


This “WAFUKU GENE” is a derivative and generative collection of “Crypto”WAFUKU” NFT” collection.

“Crypto”WAFUKU” NFT” collection is anime-like girls wearing Japanese traditional outfit (called Kimono or Wafuku) and its floor price is around 2 ETH (as of Aug 13, 22) and has keep increasing unlike most collections.

And now they will launch their generative collection “WAFUKU GENE”. So, a lot of Japanese people are paying attention.

Overview of  “WAFUKU GENE”


* You can find the completed information in the discord server.

  • Number of NFTs: 10,000
  • Sale Schedule: Aug 28, 2022
  • Price: Free Mint – Free
    WL – 0.001ETH
    Regular Sale – 0.003ETH

To but the NFTs on Aug 28, you need to be qualified as follows:

◆Free Mint

Sale Date: 8/28
Price: Free
MAX Mint:10

★Conditions for Free Mint
*You are qualified by satisfying (1) (2) and/or (3)
*If you have the Free Mint qualification, you will be given WL as well (MAX Mint: 5)

(1)NFT holders of the following collections
③CryptoNinja NFT
④Official Collaboration NFTs

(2)Crypto”WAFUKU” NFT holders as of Jun 30

(3)Core contributors for WAFUKU GENE

◆White List

Sale Date:8/28
MAX Mint:10

★Conditions for WL
*You are qualified by satisfying all (1) (2) and (3)

(1)Join the discord server

(2)Join “夏エモ祭り/Summer Emotional Festival” held at beginning of Aug

(3)Complete some tasks below and get 3 points
①Join the Discord earlier (1 point)←Done
②Tweet about the appeal of this project with #WafuGene (1 point)
③Join the Twitter space more than 3 times (1 point)
④Give a question for AMA in advance (1 point)
⑤Give a question in AMA (2 points) *Speak in the Twitter space!
⑥Create a content related to WAFUKU GENE and tweet it (3 points)
⑦Create a fanart of WAFUKU artwork and tweet it (3 points)
⑧Suggest ideas for the roadmap or initiatives in アイデア-idea channel of the discord server (1 point)

◆Regular Sale

Sale Date: 8/28
Price: 0.003ETH
MAX Mint: 5
Qualification: Satisfy ① and ②

①Do the user registration
②Join “夏エモ祭り/Summer Emotional Festival”


WAFUKU has a strong connection with the Crypto Ninja NFT community that has more than 20,000 people and its collection is one of the top collections in Japan.

Crypto Ninja NFT

And some of derivative collections of CN had been minted for free such CryptoNinja Partners , and the price has gone up sharply.

So, WAFUKU GENE will be in this trend with very strong support of the largest community in Japan. Besides, as you noticed, WAFUKU is a kind of Japanese iconic item and anime-like girls are also representing Japanese culture, so I believe this combination will make a big wave especially in Japan and it will affect the world. And I hope this collection will be a gateway for you to join Japanese NFTs.

Btw, unfortunately, there is no enough time actually, since “夏エモ祭り/Summer Emotional Festival” ends today in JST, so you should join now and check the information in the discord server. And you still have a chance to get the NFTs after the sale. So stay tuned!!!